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Please get in touch with our team if you happen to have an query, suggestion or just wana have a discussion about EV’s.


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Evbooth is an Affordable & Reliable Network of AC & DC EV Charging Infrastructure company. Evbooth caters to all type of electric vehicles. Whether you own an E-Bike, Scooter, Car or Operate a delivery service , a Cab company or a Bike rental, we support it all. You can find the nearest Evbooth, plug your vehicle, make payment, and charge. No more range anxiety, our simple and intuitive app make owning an electric vehicle easy and convenient.

About us

Evbooth is a cloud based network of smart, convenient & cost effective AC(slow) & DC(fast) charging stations for electric vehicles across India. Our platform is one of the first community based Electric Vehicle charging platform, designed and developed for all types of 2, 3 and 4 wheeler Electric vehicle owners.


A Multitude Of
Options And Features

When travelling long distances, owners of EVs are concerned with the charge level of their vehicle and the remaining range. EvBooth app is intuitive and fast and provide the best in class user experience. Our app will help drivers to locate, navigate, book, pay, charge and monitor, all their charging needs.

Our intuitive and easy to use app helps EV drivers find nearest available charger in real time.

Users can easily keep track of their charging history, amount spent, favourite station, their car's profile and lot more.

Book your Evbooth in advance or use charge now for drive-ins, all at a click of a button.

You can pay for the charge you consume using multiple payment options, we accept all UPI payments & Credit/Debit Cards.

Select from different types of chargers & charge your EV by Time or by Units or by Amount.

One can monitor the charging status of the vehicle on your mobile and can start & stop the booking as per one’s convenience.

Amazingly Practical
& Simply Convenient

“Our solution is designed around the drivers of tomorrow, keeping in mind their needs and providing simple and seamless experience. One of the biggest challenges for any EV driver is the range anxiety and we are working relentlessly to provide charging points across the country- so they can find one any time any where they need one.”

Ravi B C.E.O


Modern EV Charging Solutions For Your Needs

EVBooth CMS streamlines electric vehicle charge station management connecting businesses, organisations, fleet operators, charging stations, and drivers. Our End-to-End Solution provides Smart Charging, Efficient EV Fleet Operations and a User-Friendly Interface

Integrated Charging Management System, Made in India Hardware, Metering Solution, Payment Gateway, and Mobile Application.

On-site Technical Support for Installation & maintenance. Comes with standard warranty, Fast delivery and 24/7 Customer Assistance.

User can start/stop charging their vehicles with convenience of the EVBooth mobile app.

Over Current, Under Voltage, Residual Current, Surge Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, etc

Scale and streamline EV charging operations for faster market entry at an affordable cost

Google Maps Integration, Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, Promotional Campaigns and Visibility Campaigns.

Get The App Now & Enjoy!

Evbooth Network lets you to charge on the go. Use our app to find and charge at locations within your city..


CMS - Cloud-based integrated dashboard and easy reporting allows to monitor Charge Spot and energy management Activities

Supports Bharat EV Standard – AC001, GB/T, CCS2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 standard EV chargers for all types of Electric Vehicles

Fully automated, Un-manned, Networked EV Charging Infra, User-Friendly mobile app and Cloud - based Integrated CMS for Dashboard and Reports

Steering Change

In the world of eco-friendly transportation, EVBooth shines as a guide for corporate fleets,

Redefining Future

EVbooth is an initiative to help change the future of the

What Evbooth Offers

EVbooth is an initiative to help change the future of the country with an aim

Download Our App Today & Experience Endless Possibilities.

EVBooth is a network of smart, safe, convenient and cost effective AC & DC fast charging booths for electric vehicles across India.

Support & Download
Please get in touch with our team if you happen to have an query, suggestion or just wana have a discussion about EV’s.

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