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What Evbooth Offers

As an EV driver, we believe owners of EV’s are pioneers of a new means of transport. The future of charging is exciting, and we at EVbooth are here to ensure an experience that will leave you smiling every time.

Whether you are an EV driver or an enthusiast or a business looking to grow Evbooth offers different services for all the stakeholders. As a business if you offer EV charging services to your employees, customers, or as a State want to provide these services to citizens or residents – Discover our charging services for business. Evbooth charging booths can be perfectly adapted for a wide range of parking environments including workplaces, multi-unit residential buildings and commercial properties. They are ideal for areas where many electric vehicles need to charge simultaneously, as they can be cascaded to minimize installation costs for the entire site. We’re working towards developing technology and offering to provide solution and package that allows property owners and managers to provide electric vehicle charging in their buildings while minimizing capital expenditures. Our services are designed to provide a seamless operation of your stations throughout our agreement, no matter what happens.

EV booth provides EV charging booth everywhere and whenever drivers need it the most and enabling the transition to a green future. Our connected stations are easy for EV drivers to locate and simple for station owners to manage and we are always updated with new features. EV booth’s mobile app lets drivers find stations, save favourite charging spots and track all of their charging needs.


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