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Redefining Future of transportation

EVbooth is an initiative to help change the future of the country with an aim to build transport infrastructure for tomorrow’s India.

With the growing concerns over climate change and sustainable development, electric cars tend to get an amount of media attention that is disproportionate to their numbers on the road. For many, EVs are perceived as an exciting and promising technology that can be part of the solution. While the number of vehicles is still small, it is expected to grow rapidly as their price is already moving down and most large car manufacturers have announced their intent to release new models in the coming years. Global automakers have committed to invest over $90 Bn in electric vehicles in last quarter of 2017 alone. Business insiders reveal that in 2025, a colossal 16.5 million electric vehicles will be sold which is almost one in every six new cars sold. In, 2017, we saw global electric car sales pass the 1 million marks for the first time. Governments all around have been pushing for EV transection and have been providing sops and initiative to help its citizen make transition to a greener and smarter transport

The development of the automobile brought the ubiquitous service station and highway fuel stops. However, the refueling model for EVs is quite different. According to usage statistics, most owners primarily charge their EV at home or at work, with charging stations in public or commercial destinations used as a complement and during trips.

But the availability of public charging stations is still limited. Whenever owners of EVs travel out of their regular home to office comfort zone, they become concerned by the remaining charge of the car’s battery and the range they can travel. Because of this “range anxiety” phenomenon, owners of EVs will generally take any opportunity to “top off” their battery when travelling, driving around town, or shopping. This behaviour offers an opportunity to business operators willing to invest in the deployment of public charging stations, as EV owners will unfailingly prefer these businesses to others when presented with an opportunity to charge their vehicle.

Citizens are increasingly concerned with climate change and sustainable development. The transportation sector is a major contributor to the carbon footprint and important investments and policy decisions are being made to grow the number of EVs on the road. Every major auto manufacturer has announced its intent to increase the number of EV models in its fleet. This rapid growth in the number of EVs will have to be matched by a growth in the number public charging stations.  The time is right for business owners to participate in the worldwide green energy and sustainable development initiative by supporting transport electrification. As a benefit, they are joining a community of highly motivated new customers with an above average income.


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